A perfectly aligned smile is not just a smile; it is about having the best teeth. The orthodontic treatment that we provide at Smiles in Reading is a life-changing option that can help you achieve symmetry and accentuate your smile. Orthodontia is a science that not only aligns teeth but also improves oral hygiene by improving self-confidence and overall health.

But it is not just the crookedness of your teeth that matters. The use of them can result in a range of oral health issues, such as tooth decay and diseased gums, brushing difficulties, and jaw discomfort. In addition, a disorganized smile may cause mental challenges like low self-esteem and reluctance to reveal oneself.

Personalized orthodontic treatment is now available to correct misalignment. Orthodontia can help correct crowded teeth, gaps, or irregularities in the bite by using various techniques. A variety of styles, from traditional braces to modern clear aligners, are available to suit a person’s every day needs.

The orthodontic journey at Smiles in Reading is a complex interplay of art and science. During our orthodontic consultations, we carefully consider your dental health and identify any potential issues that may arise. You receive a tailored treatment plan that details how to align your teeth in optimum alignment.

Orthodontic treatment is still based on traditional braces. Using metal brackets and wire, they gently press against the teeth to align them correctly over time. With the advancements in braces, you can expect a more comfortable and pleasing appearance with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Clear aligners are a great option for those who want to be discreet. Without the need for visible brackets or wires, these custom-made trays gently move teeth into place. With the aid of clear aligners, you can remove them for both eating and oral hygiene, ensuring a seamless transition.

Postponing orthodontic treatment may not be purely cosmetic. Oral health problems can be exacerbated by misaligned teeth, which can lead to poorer oral hygiene, increased decay risk, and jaw discomfort. The potential drawbacks of orthodontic treatment are highlighted when it is commenced promptly.

Orthodontics is a treatment that not only looks great but also has other benefits. Proper teeth alignment contributes to better oral health, lowers the risk of dental disease and improved general life. Acknowledging these extensive advantages highlights the value of selecting orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics is the ultimate tool that can help you achieve optimal teeth alignment and self-esteem. We understand the potential for misalignment and we make clear that orthodontic treatment is essential to improve your smile.

Smiles in Reading offers orthodontic treatment that goes beyond straight teeth and enhances confidence. Contact your dentist today to learn how we can achieve a harmonious smile. Let us create a glamorous, confident smile and keep you healthy with the best teeth in the world.



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