Do you feel a sharp pain while eating your favourite dish? It is a sign that your tooth is not feeling well. Dental fillings, the unacknowledged heroes of restorative dentistry. At Smiles in Reading, we’ll explore why dental fillings are more than just a treatment; they are essential for maintaining your smile.

Tooth sensitivity or pain can be caused by the presence of cavities. These minor irritations can cause damage to your teeth if not addressed. The drawback? If the fillings are not done in time, cavities may develop and lead to more severe damage to the tooth, which could result in infections.

Cavity-fighting treatment with dental fillings. The lack of treatment options for cavities means that we must now prioritize early detection. By providing relief from cavity pain, as well as preventing further decay, fillings can help to maintain the structure of your tooth.

The aesthetics of fillings are a matter of debate. Traditional dental amalgam fillings, which were once common, could potentially alter the appearance of your smile. However, advancements in dental materials have resulted in tooth-coloured composite fillings that blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth. The cosmetic deficiency of conventional fillings is eliminated.

The process of getting a filling at Smiles in Reading is straightforward. After numbing the area to ensure your comfort, we remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill the space with the chosen filling material. The result? A restored tooth that not only looks natural but functions optimally, too.

The act of delaying or not doing a filling can cause problems. Inadequate cavities can cause more severe damage that may require costly and more invasive treatments, such as root canals or extractions. The potential risks are recognized, and it is crucial to address cavities promptly with dental fillings.

Pain relief is not the sole benefit of dental fillings. Their role is to help maintain proper oral hygiene, prevent decay spreading between adjacent teeth and keep your mouth healthy. A dental filling at Smiles in Reading is a simple investment that preserves your natural smile and helps prevent more complex dental issues.

Think of dental fillings as the invisible sealers that keep your smile looking great despite cavities. We emphasize the importance of fillings in maintaining your teeth by recognizing the potential consequences of untreated decay.

At Smiles in Reading, dental filling is more than just a treatment; it will keep your smile healthy. Get your filling today to restore comfort, preserve the structure of your tooth and prevent further dental problems. We are here to help you keep your smile healthy and beautiful.



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