You have a beautiful smile, and at Smiles in Reading we know how important it is to keep that shine on. Dental crowns and bridges are a combination of artistic and scientific ideas that aim to rejuvenate and beautify your smile. These revolutionary treatments can make your smile shine.

From decay to breakage, teeth can be both functional and aesthetically compromised by various problems. Your teeth may suffer more damage if you neglect these issues. The adverse effects include reduced ability to chew and issues with self-esteem related to the appearance of your smile.

The invisible weapon: Dental crowns are used to restore healthy teeth. Crowns are made of porcelain or ceramic and can be used as long-lasting protective coverings to restore the tooth’s function. Consider a crown as the ultimate symbol of your teeth’s beauty, providing both strength and stability.

Missing teeth can cause your smile to become disordered and harm your teeth. These gaps are bridged by custom-made dental implants. By constructing bridges with artificial teeth and attaching them to adjacent healthy teeth, you can restore your smile’s health.

A consultation at Smiles in Reading is the first step towards a new smile. Our dental professionals analyse your specific requirements, discuss options, and create a customized plan for you. Dental crowns are made by preparing the tooth, taking impressions, and then crafting an artificial crown that blends in with your natural teeth.

Dental bridges are built on the foundation of adjacent teeth, which are then prepared for a crown and serve as strong supports. Your artificial teeth are then shaped and tinted in the same way as your natural teeth, creating a seamless restoration. A smile that is both attractive and affectionate.

Putting off the restoration of damaged or missing teeth can cause a variety of problems. Symptoms range from poor oral health and misaligned teeth to severe dental issues. Identifying the potential drawbacks emphasizes the necessity of early intervention with dental crowns and bridges.

The impact of crowns and bridges on your smile is not limited to their aesthetic appeal. Their function is vital for restoring proper dental health by helping to maintain the alignment of adjacent teeth and preventing further problems caused by untreated dental conditions.

Dental crowns and bridges serve as effective solutions to restore and enhance your smile. By recognizing the possible impacts of dental complications, we underscore the significance of these procedures in rejuvenating both the appearance and functionality of your teeth.

Ultimately, smiles are back at Smiles in Reading with dental crowns and bridges as more than just treatments. If you want to brighten up your smile, restore its brightness, and prevent future issues, consult with us today. Our task is to create a masterpiece that exudes health, beauty, and confidence.



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